Australia’s urban and regional areas are growing, and so too are the demands on our transport infrastructure. Governments and the private sector are increasingly under pressure to address congestion and improve transport connections vital to our economy.

Whether you’re moving people or freight, transport industry businesses are exposed to a range of risks and opportunities that fixed location companies don’t experience.

The geographic spread of a transport operator – be it across a city, or across the world – broadens the level of impact it can have on others. Grounded Communications is one of the very few Australian PR agencies with a niche understanding of what makes the transport industry unique from many others.

We bring almost two decades’ experience working with and for a range of public transport providers, road network and tollway operators and Victorian and national transport regulators. Some of the common themes we find across our transport sector clients include:

  • The need to prevent costly delays to the movement of people and goods;
  • Increasing customer demand for information about transport, including the ability to track performance in real time and communicate via social channels; and
  • The need to use communication to help manage the challenges of infrastructure under increasing strain from a growing population.

Grounded Communications is also highly experienced in helping contractors and government agencies deliver major transport infrastructure upgrades.

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