No-one likes the disruption of road closures, dust, noise, difficulty accessing homes and businesses, transport delays, and other challenges faced from major infrastructure projects.

But people are remarkably understanding of short-term disruption when they’re consulted early, understand the longer term benefits and are kept up to date with information about a project as it develops.

Grounded Communications has achieved some great results working with government agencies and private contractors to communicate the long-term benefits of major transport construction projects. We combine our knowledge of contacts in the sector, and industry experience in transport, building, marketing and stakeholder relations to develop great proactive communication campaigns that help to minimise delays to projects.

Transport projects in particular face unique challenges when upgrading infrastructure as planners usually face the unique need of delivering the improvements while keeping current customers moving and minimising the impact on surrounding communities.

Grounded Communications has:

  • Experience in both the construction and transport industries, understanding the sometimes competing pressures of project deadlines and the need to keep people moving.
  • Extensive contacts in the transport industry from both an operators and a builders’ perspective.
  • An understanding of how best to reach customers on the move.
  • The tools and know-how to deliver effective communication campaigns that reduce the likelihood of project delays.

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