No organisation operates in a bubble. We all need the support of our staff, customers, the community and a range of other stakeholders to be successful.

Grounded Communications works with you to look at the big picture to understand risks facing your organisation and how better communication with stakeholders may play a role in mitigating an issue, raising awareness, or promoting a positive initiative.

As part of the strategy development process, we identify all internal and external stakeholders, how they may be affected, what drives them, the best communication channels and messaging that will resonate. Importantly, we ensure a consistent, integrated approach across all internal and external communication. A solid game plan makes the execution seamless and efficient, saving our clients from wasting time and resources.

While we take a “failing to plan is planning to fail” approach, we design our strategies to be perceptive, nimble and responsive. We will make sure that you are positioned to take advantage of the opportunities that inevitably arise during the implementation of a campaign, and that have systems in place to ensure your organisational reputation is protected from any emerging communications risks.