Whether it’s a one-off event or a longer public engagement, thorough upfront planning, including clearly defining what you want to achieve, ensures results.

Grounded Communications’ team has decades’ of experience in event planning – everything from major launches to stakeholder engagement sessions – both stand-alone and as part of a campaign.

When it comes to your events, we look at the big picture – what do you want to say and to whom? We then plan it down to the finest details including speeches, venues, development of communication collateral, guest lists and invitations, hiring of equipment, media strategy and more.

We also assist those seeking a more sustained approach to a communication challenge, working with clients to plan the right tactics to achieve the result whether that is advertising, social media, media, stakeholder engagement or government relations.

Many of our clients want to achieve big things on small budgets, and that means creative thinking to get the best value possible. Instead of simply throwing money at a challenge, we can work with you to develop smarter responses to achieve your objectives, including strategic partnerships and clever use of social media.

We’ll also ensure you receive the best value from free media coverage. As former senior journalists with a wealth of industry nous and contacts we pitch quality stories to journalists we know will listen, rather than old school media release “spray and pray”.