Grounded communication is down-to-earth and plain speaking.

We believe the best communication is grounded. It’s familiar, and doesn’t cloud meaning with jargon.

Media Training

We’re big fans of being understood in the media. That means breaking down messages into a digestible format that grabs the attention of the media and our intended audience. It also means delivering our message in a way that gives meaning and context to the issue we’re communicating. In essence – ‘why should anyone care?’ We’ll help you make news, and deliver it with confidence.

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Crisis Communications

A crisis can be anything with the potential to have a negative material impact on your organisation. It might be an accident, a series of issues that have been burning for a while and have gained momentum, or a range of corporate problems. We’ve helped many clients maintain their good reputations by communicating well with their stakeholders during difficult times.

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Stakeholder Relations

We love talking with people because we’ve seen great results for communities and our clients when everyone is on the same page. It doesn’t mean we all have to agree with each other, but, by working toward shared principles, genuine win wins can be achieved. Keep projects on track by engaging well with key people who have the power to influence outcomes.

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Campaigns and Events

When you’re trying to effect lasting behaviour change, you need a communication specialist who understands the many ways to reach different groups of people. We bring together the full suite of marketing and public relations channels tailored to your needs – from advertising and brochures, to media relations, social media, stakeholder contact and much more.

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